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About our SEO Team

Certified Search Engine Optimization Experts in El Dorado Hills

Here at Front Street Media in El Dorado Hills, we focus on something completely different than the competition. We focus highly on attention to detail as well as what’s considered REAL SEO, we pretty much blow the competition out of the water. Our incredibly strong team of developers, programmers and Internet marketing geniuses develop highly interactive and visible marketing campaigns specific to your brand identity as well as conceptual mission and vision. We don’t have any contracts or term agreements within our marketing campaigns and SEO development. We are 100% confident in our team’s ability to perform as well as secure top placement in the search engines.

El Dorado Hills Search Engine Optimization Experts

We have developed an in-house technique and system that runs our entire infrastructure of search engine optimization. The software and systems we use can deploy one technology to hundreds of websites at once. If a search engine comes out with a new algorithm update or feature, we will integrate that feature within our platform, and your website will automatically get it. This is something that not many other developers or SEO company are doing, not even those really popular and overpriced “SEO firms” in Sacramento.

SEO & Online Campaigns

The true benefit of our SEO team (a local search engine optimization company) is that you have real-time local support. We are here from 9 to 5 every day and five days a week if you have any questions comments or concerns regarding your search engine optimization campaign. If you have any questions or comments for our SEO team, give us a call today and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Our Background with SEO

We were first introduced to organic SEO about in 2005 when we was doing some web work for a Fortune 500 Company. We were experimenting with all types of ways of manipulating content citing keywords and whatever else would build ranking. Using Go Daddy and 3rd party SEO tools our goal was to build a better web presence and ranking by hand writing HTML creating recognizable links and writing valid content articles. By making H1 H2 etc tags relate with keywords we wrote many articles and re built pages to utilize this organic way that spiders and search engines could recognize our content as valid page for page. As you probably know there have been so many different changes in how Algorithm ranking is processed. We submitted articles every other day and this was very timely up until the Panda updates.

After project had finished with the Fortune 500 Company, we then started working for a small publication company that was specializing in Online Directories. One of our colleges introduced us to Backlinking. I was amazed at the power that it had and was able to kind of grasp the concept of how it could be done efficiently. We like to figure stuff like this out as we know it is a valuable asset.

The site that they showed us was for a huge Franchise company. The company was able to build a HUGE presence through having a vast amount of backlinks to the site. By the company reaching out and marketing not just their own domain and company they were able to help other small companies get recognized. But what we then realized was that by doing so they were building a huge backlink algorithm.

They didn’t just focus on one specific thing they went after all aspects of the industry. They had articles that linked back and fourth from all of these companies and it was a hidden web page that iHunt had all of these backlinks hosted. It was genius.

We would love to work with your company in pushing your brand and services forward. We are a very hardworking and focused team of SEO experts and digital marketing guru’s.

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