Google Authorship for SEO

Google Authorship for SEO

Is your El Dorado Hills Business Using Google Authorship for SEO

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Ok, so we all know that Google is pretty important right?

We are serious when we say this…. “GET ON GOOGLE AUTHORSHIP FOR SEO”

There are so many things that your business should be doing that you don’t have time for in regards to marketing, but there are certain things that are a must! If you are thinking of starting an SEO campaign in the El Dorado Hills area or maybe the greater Sacramento area, including Google Authorship into your campaign will drastically increase your CTR (Click Through Rate) which is important in regards to a good conversion ratio. Having someone land on your site will give a much higher chance of having someone fill out a form. In all reality, what do we all want in business? MORE CUSTOMERS! That’s right you guessed it, more customers is what everyone wants, but we all wish we had the time to stay up on technology.

Google Authorship Example – SEO El Dorado Hills

Google Authorship is a fairly new term but it’s something I think we should all get used to because it’s pretty dang important. You can see by the picture it’s basically a sponsored ad without paying any money, unless of course you are paying an SEO company like in El Dorado Hills. Whatever the case, People should switch their focus from Facebook to Google Plus, because after all Google indexes all of our content, NOT FACEBOOK. We are not saying stop Facebooking, unless of course you are localized business and industry that can benefit from more indexed search results on the internet as well as a… “Rich Text Index”.This is something that’s pretty dang important and if you don’t get on it before your competitors, well you will lose.

If you have any questions about Google Authorship or SEO in general give our SEO company in El Dorado Hills a call today!